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Who we are?

Team Guttormsen is a team of Sondre, Simen, Sara and Atle Guttormsen.

Sondre (24) is a professional pole vaulter, Simen (22) a collegiate pole vaulter, Sara (18) a high school pole vaulter and Atle Guttormses (father, coach and professor). We all share our love for pole vaulting, and on this page we will update you on our journey through blog posts, photos, youtube videos, and more. Additionally, we will provide an opportunity for you to work with us. We provide online coaching, zoom calls to talk about your training collegiate recruiting advice, etc. as well as in-person coaching when possible. Follow us on social media to get daily updates.


Virtual Pole Vault Video Analysis

Want to improve your jump? Join Sondre for an online session where we'll review your jump, discuss your training, and improve your routine with personalized drills. If you're eyeing college pole vaulting, Sondre will share tips on impressing coaches and navigating the recruitment process

Online Coaching

Elevate your pole vaulting skills with our individualized online coaching. Receive daily customized workouts, access training materials on a user-friendly app, enjoy monthly Zoom consultations, and get access to direct communication for ongoing guidance. Opt for a flexible month-to-month plan or a discounted 6-month package. Sign up below to jump-start your vaulting journey!

In-person coaching*

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About Us

Team Members

Meet Team Guttormsen: Sondre, Simen, Sara, and Coach Atle—passionate pole vaulters sharing their journey through blog posts, photos, YouTube videos, and more, offering opportunities for online coaching, Zoom consultations, and in-person training sessions with Sondre.

Sondre (Professional athlete and Coach)

Simen (Collegiate athlete and Coach)


Sebastian (Handball Player, youngest brother)

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 1.15.40 PM

Atle (Head Coach and father)

Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 1.23.40 PM

Kristin (Mom, support staff)


Sara (Athlete)

Take your pole vaulting to new heights

Follow our pole vaulting journey, and seize the opportunity to work directly with us for online coaching, virtual coaching consultations and more—stay connected on social media for updates!

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